XCMG IronPlanet China Auction Will Kick Off !

2024-06-19 14:45

The first XCMG IronPlanet China Auctionis about to kick off! This is an opportunity that cannot be missed. A series of equipment are already in place, waiting for you to buy!


At this auction, we prepared a series of high-quality equipment, including cranes, truck-mounted cranes, and tower cranes. They have excellent lifting capacity and stability, suitable for various construction sites and projects, whether you are a builder or equipment renter, these equipment can meet your needs.


This article will select several classic machines for detailed introduction. If you are interested, please click to learn more: https://www.ironplanet.com.au/xcmg-auc-june


1. Crane: QY25K5-I


The QY25K5-I is a three axle, single engine compact truck crane. The specifically designed chassis combined with the eco-friendly engine greatly enhances overall driving performance. An octagonal shaped boom made of high strength steel is both light and extra rigidly strong. Due to double telescopic mechanism the speed and lifting efficiency is much improved.

Specially imported cables and bearings inside the boom make for the most reliable configuration possible. Patented hydraulic system adopts many innovative technologies which can make the machine more energy saving and powerful. The newly designed cabin with aircondition and comfortable seat take the load off the operator and make for optimal attention to the work. A newly designed load moment limiting system in full colour makes the safety of the people first priority.


2. Truck-mounted Truck: GSQS200-4


XCMG GSQS200-4 is a hydraulic truck-mounted crane manufactured by XCMG since 2021. It has a carrying capacity of 0.9 tons and a maximum carrying capacity of 8 tons. At its maximum reach of 14.5 meters, it can lift loads up to 2.5 tons. The crane’s standard boom extends up to 16.7 meters.


Changing the form of previous manipulation and throttle operation individually,Realization of the bilateral handle synchronous and driving throttle acceleration and deceleration automatically, due to the speed change steady,it can easily to carry out the lifting work.


Maximum savings in preparation time before and after operation, to ensure that customer's vehicle could be in a driving state in the shortest time, and prevent crane damage accident caused by hoist swing to enhance the safety of driving.


If a user is negligent or unfamiliar with the operation of lifting hooks,the hoisting overwinder device will stop hook raise in time, to prevent the safety of personal and property caused by fracture of wire rope.


Slewing locking device can ensure that the lifting arm does not sway because of the centrifugal force during the driving and steering process of the vehicle,to avoid all kinds of accidents caused by swaying.


The hydraulic system adopts dual high pressure gear pump, multi-way valve hoisting joint to realize the converging, to improve the speed of winch, at the same time, it can realize the compound action of crane.


3. Tower crane: XGT6015BE-8S1


XGT6015-8S1 is one of the main models of S series products, S series products are the first in the industry to introduce the design concept and control technology of truck cranes, with “Safe” as the core, with Smart, Strong,Superior, Shrewd, Superb, as the important features of the series products. XCMG inherited the innovation and breakthrough in safety and reliability, intelligent and advanced, green and efficient, appearance and humanized 4 major advantages of technology.


Join us from May 16 to June 11 with our easy-to-use online bidding platform, you can bid from the comfort of your own home.


Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to buy machinery at our upcoming XCMG IronPlanet Auction in China. See you there!


Learn more: https://www.ironplanet.com.au/xcmg-auc-june



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