Why does an overseas product launch of XCMG attract 1,200 overseas customers from more than 60 countries around the world?

2024-05-23 15:41

On May 20, XCMG held a large-scale overseas product promotion conference, and more than 1,200 overseas customers from more than 60 countries around the world enjoyed a feast of XCMG's overseas products with intelligent manufacturing, cutting-edge technology, innovative technology and green low-carbon.

XCMG's first 120-ton grabber, with a maximum operating radius of up to 25.5 meters and a maximum operating height of 26.5m; XCMG XCS4531E pure electric container front lifting crane, with the national standard 300kW dual-gun fast-charging, rapid replenishment of energy, refusing to range anxiety; XCMG XC968-EV pure electric loader, adopting XCMG's unique "three-motor" transmissionless technology. XCMG XC968-EV pure electric loader, adopting XCMG's unique "three-motor" gearless technology, with a transmission efficiency of more than 95% and a reduction of 11.6% in energy consumption; XCMG XDE260 mining dump truck, with a cargo volume of 150 cubic meters and a diameter of the tires equivalent to the height of two adults, can complete the loading and transportation of 10,000 tons of coal in 8 hours.

These products are undoubtedly the eye-catching products on the scene, and their technical advantages highlight XCMG's hard-core strength.

In this XCMG overseas product promotion meeting, 12 categories of complete sets of solutions and more than 200 sets of products focused on the advantages of XCMG series of complete sets of products. The large number and wide range of products are considered to be the top stream in the industry.

Crane: XCMG launched seven series of customized cranes in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Central Asia, South Asia and Africa. Among them, XCMG XCA60-EV is the world's first hybrid all-terrain crane certified by CE and WVTA, which meets the demand of the international high-end market, with three operation modes, namely plug-in, pure electric, and hybrid, and the comprehensive cost of use reduced by 40%.

China's largest tonnage electric crawler crane - XCMG XLC220-E, rated lifting capacity of 220 tons, DC charging only 2 hours, can be stable lifting 8 hours, greatly saving fuel costs.

Excavation machinery: XCMG has established six industry-leading excavation machinery categories covering forestry logging, material handling, railroad maintenance, water conservancy dredging, etc., providing global customers with "one-stop" customized solutions.

Complete road construction equipment: the release of five series of products, including the new generation of bulldozer equipment, complete road construction equipment, digital intelligent construction equipment, new energy equipment, and complete mining road construction equipment.

Loaders: The new series of new energy loaders, skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, mine loaders and other products were released to the world. Compared with fuel loaders, the newly launched hybrid loaders save more than 35% energy on average.

Among them, China's largest XC9350 electric drive loader, compared with the hydraulic drive products, fuel consumption is reduced by 25%, work efficiency increased by 20%, can be supported by 120-180 tons of mining truck operations.

Piling Machinery: XCMG launched new energy rotary drilling rigs, realizing three working modes: hybrid mode, plug-in mode and pure electric mode, and its world's first electro-hydraulic dual rotary drive technology has become the biggest highlight of this product release.

Aerial material handling equipment: XCMG launched six main models of telescopic boom forklifts for the first time, expanding more than 30 attachments for users to choose from, and different attachments can be quickly switched to achieve multi-purpose.

Riding on the wind to the international market, XCMG joins hands with partners in the whole value chain to provide global customers with highly reliable and high-quality products and services to contribute to the high-quality development of China's manufacturing!