Why XCMG Backhoe Loaders are Becoming Popular Overseas?

2024-05-08 09:26

As a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery field, XCMG is plowing through the Belt and Road to win the wide recognition of customers in the countries along the route with its outstanding technology and excellent products. Backhoe-loader is referred to as digging and loading, commonly known as two busy, the two ends of the whole machine are equipped with digging and loading operations, the drivers seat can be rotated 180 degrees to switch. XCMG backhoe loaders are popular overseas along with XCMGs pace of going overseas, gaining frequent praise from customers.

In South America, XCMG backhoe loaders are being respected by the market for their applicability to a wide range of working conditions and attractive performance. In South America, housing construction has always been a key area to promote economic growth. The integrated design of XCMG backhoe loaders, which combines digging and loading functions, provides great convenience for construction: from pit digging to earth leveling to building materials handling, the work can be completed quickly and efficiently. This multifunctionality not only improves the construction efficiency, but also reduces the project cost, which is highly praised by the builder: Construction projects have many processes and many equipments. Using XCMG digging equipment can save many kinds of equipment rental, transfer and other processes, which is much more convenient.

Locally, most of the municipal road construction needs to cross the rainforest and mountains, and the site is hot and humid. XCMG backhoe loaders, still showed great stability and adaptability. The local customer said, It is common to cross forests and ponds for road construction, and XCMG equipment is very reliable.

The high-performance engine and transmission system provide strong power and torque output, which can easily cope with the heavy workload in the mining area; the dual-pump combined flow hydraulic system adjusts the flow rate in real time according to the operational demand, effectively reducing energy consumption and saving costs. In the mining area of South America, XCMG backhoe loaders also show remarkable competitiveness with excellent power performance and fuel economy. Local customers praise XCMG: XCMG is highly efficient and durable, and it can cope with poor road conditions and heavy materials in the mines.

Not only in South America, but also in the global market, XCMG backhoe loaders have gained recognition and favor thanks to their outstanding adaptability to working conditions and outstanding performance. Now, in the global agriculture and animal husbandry, municipal construction, warehousing and logistics, emergency rescue, resource regeneration and many other working conditions, you can see the busy figure of XCMG backhoe loaders, to create value for customers and help them succeed.

The One Belt, One Road initiative provides opportunities for Chinese brands to expand global cooperation. The success of XCMGs loading machines cannot be separated from the practice of XCMGs globalization strategy and the close cooperation with local partners. In the future, XCMG will continue to work with its global partners to promote the construction of One Belt, One Road and equip for a better future with the leadership of engineering technology.



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